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Announcement: UCO Network acquires Kigreen Software

UCO Network, a blockchain technology leader that designs, develops, and supplies waste management software solutions, and Treasure Fusion Lda, the leading software waste management software provider serving the Portuguese market, announced an agreement that UCO Network will acquire Kigreen Software.

Kigreen’s pioneer approach created the first software solution, that has been specifically designed for the used cooking oil collection sector.

Today, the solution is used by over 70% of the companies operating in Portugal, being the fully compliant software formally recognized by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA). It allows waste management companies and biofuel producers to build, run, manage and expand their operations for the benefit of the stakeholders, community, and environment.

Kigreen Software assures compliance with the existing industry regulations while enhancing business optimization through its real-time resource management capabilities and intelligent route planning.

Following the closing of the transaction, UCO Network will rebrand and operate as a new brand of the expanding UCO Network portfolio.

By bringing together the complementary UCO Network blockchain portfolio with the leading Kigreen software, the combined solutions will provide enterprise customers with an expanded platform of access to critical infrastructure solutions that will accelerate innovation and address the challenges of a fast-evolving biofuel production market.

This will enable customers, including leaders of feedstock collection and biofuel production, to trustless management and assure continued access to the supply granted by a global feedstock marketplace.

UCO Network’s focus on technology innovation and significant research and development expenditures, UCO Network will deliver compelling benefits for customers and partners.

The transaction is expected to add 12 new enterprise users and 12,000 tonnes in transactions to UCO Network’s platform.

This UCO Network acquisition agreement comes only weeks after we announced a partnership with VeChain to use blockchain to ensure the sustainability and provenance of feedstock for biofuel production.

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