UCO Network — Idea to Execution

Used Cooking Oil’s (UCO) Worth


  • One-third of used cooking oil in Europe is fraudulent
  • EU incapable of detecting fraud in biofuel imports — current certification, audit and sustainability systems are insufficient to prevent fraud
  • $511 million biodiesel tax fraud scheme
  • Cooking oil theft costs UK Treasury 25 GBP/year in lost duty
  • Lack of trust, transparency and traceability in the UCO supply chain — current rules and regulations lead to a non-transparent certification process for the sustainability of the used cooking oil

UCO Network Solution

  • Public blockchain protocol that mitigates the risk of fraud while $UCOIL token being the catalyst to the UCO Network ecosystem - Trust, Transparency and Traceability like never before
  • Aligned with the green agenda of the UN, USA, and EU
  • Opening the market to millions of new players, the same way Uber did
  • UCO Collectors — NFT minting
  • Biofuel Producers — Transparent UCO tracking
  • Entrepreneurs — Strong partnership establishment
  • Regulators — UCO market regulation

The whole process? This is how we do it



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UCO Network

UCO Network — Add value to your Used Cooking Oil. Trust, Transparency and Traceability like never before.